Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked frequently.

1. Are all items in stock?

Yes all items will be in stock. Lead time varies based on products for stock replenishment. We will update the stocks instantly once they arrive and also out of stock items will be unavailable for purchase for the mean time but you can still view them. For specific lead time you can enquire us directly and we will inform you once stock is available.

2. Do I need to be a registered member to make a purchase?

Yes, you have to register to be able to purchase. This will also enable you to receive our latest updates regarding new promotions, new products, campaigns / events, etc. every month. Besides that, in the future we will be having a customer loyalty feature where customers are able to redeem items or get a certain amount of discount by using points in the future.

3. The item I would like is no longer in stock. Will it be restocked?

Yes, we will always restock our products ASAP. Only a tiny amount products we might remove them from our store once they are being sold out because of them being improvised in a newer model or the factory has stopped the production for that particular model.

4. Is there a physical store which I can visit and try on the items?

Yes,we have a physical outlet and office providing with a small area of displayed products that we are selling and also own collection purposes for certain customers that are willing to stop by. You are able to find our address and location in the "Contact Us" column.

5. What are my payment options?

For credit card and debit card we are using Paypal, this is because Paypal accepts credit cards from most of the bank locally and internationally. For Internet banking and transfer, customers are able to use IPAY88 for local banks. 

6. I don't have a Paypal registered account. Do I have to sign up for one?

No you don’t need to have a paypal registered account to check out and proceed with payments. You can also refer to this link for more information. (

7. Are all bank accounts ready for online banking functions?

Yes most of the banks commonly used in Malaysia are supported thru PayPal and IPAY88. 

8. How can I check on my order status?

You can check your order status at the top of the main page in the “My Account” section.

9. Can I cancel my order once I have made payment?

Yes you can cancel your order within 6 hours after you have made your payment. But in the mean time you will need to contact us by giving us a call right away so we can proceed on the process and also the refunds of the payment back to you. In the near future we will be implementing a new added value service where we provide a “7 day customer satisfactory return” feature to you and all our customers.

10. Do I have to pay for shipping charges?

Yes, you will only have to pay for RM 5.00 flat rate with no limitations on quantity in any product category throughout anywhere in Malaysia.

11. Where do you ship to?

We are shipping to all orders throughout Malaysia even East Malaysia where it is much more worth it for customers there to purchase due to our RM5.00 flat rate delivery fee only!

12. What is in-store pick up?

In-store pick up means that customers are willing to drop by our customer center to pick up their orders being made online. This is a cost effective method for our customers where they don’t have to pay the delivery fees.

13. How long will it take for my purchase to arrive?

Give and take around 3 – 5 business working days within Peninsular Malaysia

Give and take around 5 – 7 business working days to East Malaysia

14. Will my order be processed, shipped out on the same day I made my purchase?

We will be always providing the shortest lead time that we can achieve to deliver orders to our customers, but sometimes it will still depend on the traffic of incoming orders from other customers as well. In the future, we will definitely implement the express delivery option for our customers.

15. Do you ship on Weekends?

No, we do not ship on Saturdays and Sundays for now. We apologize for this in advance, but in the future we might consider processing shipments on weekends as well.

16. What If I'm not around and have missed the delivery?

We will always recommend our customers to provide a shipping address that always has someone at that location during business hours. But do not worry, we will have 3 attempts in delivering to an address and we will also notify you by giving you a call and let you know that you have missed the first attempt of delivery so you will be ready for the second and third attempt.

17. Can I change my shipping address once my order has been confirmed?

No you can’t change your shipping address once your order has been confirmed. This is because we take our orders efficiently where this might affect our delivering & logistics efficiency for other customers’ orders. Besides that we will always try our best to provide the shortest lead time we can achieve from our end in delivering our orders ASAP to our customers as a value added service.