Pieno 3 Gang 1 Way Switch with Fluorescent Locator

RM 37.20

RM 62.00 -40%
  • High-end European aesthetics with distinctive jumbo dolly
  • SS Mechanism and patented PerfectFace® Switch Architecture for improved installation efficiency, durability and aesthetic value
  • Available in White and Lavender Silver colour
  • Residential and hotel applications
  • British installations
  • Flush- or surface-mounted installations

Product Variation

Product Description

Pushing the boundaries of switch design by maximizing the jumbo dolly with slim edges, Pieno maintains an overall slim profile, despite the jumbo dolly, thanks to the innovative SS Mechanism and patented PerfectFace® Switch Architecture. These two innovations also enable quick and high quality installation on any wall surface.

PerfectFace® switch architecture

It consists of two design patents that collectively enable an unprecedented integrity of moving parts in rocker-type switches. The dollies and surround are integrated into one piece, removing one installation step while keeping consistent distance between dollies and surround. The gap between the switch and uneven wall after installation can be perfectly covered by the PerfectFace® faceplate to maintain a perfect wall finishing. Major improvements have thus been achieved in installation efficiency and aesthetic value.

SS mechanism

“Slim Rocker, Sure Click” mechanism. “Slim Rocker” with 3 degree narrow angle dolly design (6 degree angle for normal rocker) enables jumbo dolly design while maintaining it in an overall slim profile. “Sure Click” offers a flutter-free switching for improved durability and reliability.

Gang 3 Gang
Amp 10
Way 1 Way
Product Colour White